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The Explanation: How to bring peace and prosperity to humankind. Our 21st century world must assemble with the Bible narrative if there's any value there. Join me and check out the original language, the Biblical Hebrew, of the dawn of our Universe and humankind in the first chapters of Genesis. They establish the history of Earth and the story of humanity. Unlock Bible meaning with a unique, no fuss study method, see the Bible pieces form a perfectly assembled puzzle and reveal the answers for today's society. The Bible is more contemporary than you realize. Dare to dig for Bible meaning.

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Thursday Apr 22, 2021

The Bible tells us a mysterious Nimrod ruled an Empire when the inhabitants of the Earth had one language and one speech. What does the English translation speechhide?
When we read Genesis 11:1 we think language and speech are synonyms. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are totally different words. In fact, one speech is in plural in Biblical Hebrew! Understanding the meaning opens up comprehension of why it was so reprehensible to God that He separated the languages and spread people worldwide.
The Explanation needs a solid base. That base goes back to the Bible and Biblical Hebrew. Translations help Bible comprehension but only tell a superficial story. Biblical Hebrew reveals deeper understanding to really Unlock Bible Meaning and affirms a much fuller picture of The Explanation.
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Thursday Apr 15, 2021

Biblical Hebrew words can have various meanings and nuances. Each shade of color adds to the full picture. The variety of translations for a single Hebrew word can be enormous. The question is, why do such a range of diversity and mixture exist?
From a human linguistic point of view, it appears to be contradictory not to say counterproductive. In fact, it's this diversity of meanings that opens the door to so many interpretations. But we must look at this vocabulary phenomenon through God's eyes, not our own. So the real question is, if God inspired the authors of the Bible, which He did, although many would deny this, why did He inspire such variety leading to confusion?
The Explanation needs a solid base. That base goes back to the Bible and Biblical Hebrew. Translations help understand the Bible but only reveal a superficial story. Deeper understanding of Biblical Hebrew is there to Unlock Bible Meaning and give a much fuller picture of The Explanation.
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Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

"All Bible translations are interpretations." This quote, by my Hebrew Professor, floored me. I've never forgotten it. That's an unstable foundation for spiritual beliefs.
What all of us are looking for is to unlock Bible meaning, not interpretations. The 7 Keys are the method to lead us to that result. It is important to understand that we need to look into the Biblical Hebrew because it is the original language. If we depart from any other translation, we’re departing from an interpretation. That should not be the basis for our beliefs.
The goal is not to learn and digest Biblical Hebrew. The goal is to Unlock Bible Meaning. The Explanation designed this study method to get you from A to Z with the least hassle in the shortest time possible. The only intention is to Unlock Bible Meaning.
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Dare to dig for Bible Meaning.
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Friday Apr 02, 2021

The Bible Study course: Unlock Bible Meaning with the 7 keys to master Biblical Hebrew explains the original language of the first five minutes of the Bible story, God’s plan for you. It teaches you more than Bible knowledge. It dispenses a study method you can apply to understand the original language, Biblical Hebrew.
The 7 Keys to unlock Biblical Hebrew reveals the gap between translations and the original language. The space where interpretation rears its ugly head. It’s one of the principal reasons behind all the misconceptions and controversy surrounding the Bible. You can bypass this confusion.
Remove the shackles of learning Biblical Hebrew: NO grammar, NO vocabulary, NO syntax, NO pronunciation, NO oral expression. You'll be amazed at how easy and revealing this Bible study method is.
As a student Sheli wrote, "It is something I have been searching for, a way to get past the translations and get to the deeper meaning of God’s word."
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